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Saturday, 30 May 2009

Adam Ficek - From home to eternity ?

Adam Ficek is the name of the famous drummer of the UK band Babyshambles. If we talk on Roses Kings Castles, it’s parallel project perhaps to some of you means little. So, it’s time to learn more about it and what are Adam’s ideas on it and on other topics too. So, let's hope we can see in a short time Adam's very interesting side project here in Portugal, also a land of roses, kings and castles....

Adam already has new label and to better know his project just follow the link below, where you can also buy the record:

The tune mentioned in this interview is in the player and in the end, is the video of "Entroubled". 

Kisses & Hugs


King_leer (KL):


Adam, i believe you used to teach drums. Is this true? Musically, as a drummer what’s your background? Pop, rock, Jazz?


Adam Ficek (AF): 


Yes I taught briefly whilst trying to make ends meet as a musician, I actually enjoyed the academia side of things so it wasn’t all bad. My background is in indie bands, growing up I was into loads of Britpop bands and bands such as the stone roses and charlatans etc. I then crept into the jazz stuff and went off studying it al properly.




You were caught also by the Pinnacle Entertainment collapse. It what terms did it affect you most? I believe more work on your shoulders, right?




Well it came about just as I was about to release my 2nd single, so that didn’t get to the shops, so effectively all my PR budget was wasted but I managed to get the stock back, at one point it looked like I was going to have to buy it back. Loads of small labesl went down, so I was lucky, I have only just got most of my albums back.




Do you think there is a specific reason for the uprising number of side-projects?




Not sure, personally we just have loads of time on our hands whilst peter does his thing.



Now on your record. It’s a “home made” record as you state. For my blog readers understanding, can you explain how the process consists and how it’s possible to get a good sound and final result in that conditions?




Good is subjective, but I used a simple version of pro tools and any instruments that were near by. It’s all about the songs and passion rather than the big production (at a certain level) Regarding results, I’m not sure the limited production would be everyones cup of tea but it’s works for me.




Now, on lyrics. My favorite tune is “Broken Homes”. I usually ask your partners sometimes the stories behind some tunes. What’s the story (if you can share with us) of this song. I’ll play it in the blog’s player.




Not sure really, I think songs should remain and belong to the listener and it’s up to them to interpret. Personally it’s about an emotional experience growing up on a council estate and the many broken people that exist, but it has a warmth.




What artist/band must influenced you during your life? In your MySpace top friends, The Housemartins are there (as a fan club). One of your favorites?




Housemartins, Blur, Barrett, Stone Roses, Beatles, Charlatans, Miles Davis, Art Blakey, lee Morgan, Debussy, Elgar, Robert Maxwell Davies, Fat boy slim, New order.




On society: Now that the crisis is here and we have been talking on it, tell me about your thoughts on Europe. The European elections are coming. Do you fell the European ideal is to last?



I hope so, I don’t know enough about the struggles in Europe to make informed statements but I know some of us over here are having a hard, hard time.




Sunday, 17 May 2009


Well, it’s time to close this chapter and, I’ll do it the way I always try to do on this blog – with accuracy and trying to go a little bit further on the understanding of this music business and the people who live around it.

Off course there’s always the sentence – “Once upon a time” – and that time was last Summer when Jake Fior (produced Pete’s “For Lovers”), asked me if I knew a good studio around here. The purpose was to record the first Pete’s solo effort. At that time everything was almost prepared with EMI-UK - studio, hotels, etc but there was a change of plans and the Portuguese recordings project stopped there.

Well, life goes on and when you treat people with respect and in a professional way, stories tend to end the way this one did.

The gig in this Portuguese student’s festival was announced and from that moment I started to move towards the action. It was tough but on the Wednesday before the gig I was at the phone with Adrian Hunter, Pete’s Manager and meeting was settled for Thursday afternoon.

Adrian was aware I was the one that has the studio connections from last year contacts.

We chatted a little with the company of a pair of pints and presentations were made.  Adrian told me that Peter was always writing and didn’t knew if he wanted to record some demos. I believe that for Adrian it was a relief that I was not just someone press related trying to score points and seeking for “blood”. But, to Adrian we’ll get back shortly in a fully presentation of the -“gang”.

So, after that moment I became part of the above mentioned gang.

On the gig day, I met them late at the Hotel – where I met Peter for the first time – and we went altogether to the venue.  I saw the gig at the stage and after it ends we went backstage for drinks and more chat were I told Peter that if he wanted I could try to fix the Studio. It was time also for meeting fans and sign some records, tickets, and take some snaps.

It was almost done. It was getting late and time to return to the Hotel. Everyone was tired and there was only time for “see ya next time, nice to meet you….”

Then, the funniest side of the story: A different way to book a studio and close a deal. It was Saturday night about 10.30 pm and I was taking a walk with Buddy my dog when Adrian texted me – “Can you get studio tomorrow?” Even knowing that “tomorrow” was Sunday, I’ve texted João from the Studios and he tells me he’s away at a gig and he’d be back Porto near dawn. Somehow I manage to link the two parts and by Midnight everything was settled for Sunday afternoon.

I was a fine experience, to see Peter recording, to be among a very professional team, both Pete’s and the Studio. I believe there will be a next time for sure. For the record, after studio sessions, I left them all at the Hotel and they went to see FC Porto game with tickets provided by gig promoter Emerson.

So, now, the value added part of this post. Let’s meet the gang and discover what their function on the team is:


Manager: Co-founder of Lazy Eye Management

Adrian takes care of almost everything with his partner regarding the management of Pete and also the Babyshambles. He has a long term relationship with Pete with the usual highs and lows and apparently it was on one of the lows, after last year’s known management problems, that he “grabbed by the neck” the Pete’s solo record project. As a manager he as to deal with press, contracts, label communications and budget and also live shows. Always around his blackberry.  There was a funny episode after the first Pete’s solo shows when record producer, Stephen Street leaves the stage thumbs up as asks Adrian “Was that ok?” – And Adrian said to me “The almighty Stephen Street is asking me if I thought it was okay??” You can get for this the good environment around the album recordings. Very professional and down to earth fellow.



Live sound engineer:

Iain is Peter and also Babyshambles  live sound engineer since October 2007.
As per Iain’s words “before that, I worked with various different bands since 1994 when I started doing it for a living”.
 Before 1994 Iain was always in bands since school. Check is Myspace page.


Guitar Tech:

The man it was responsible for getting me one used Pete’s guitar string form my collection.

He takes care of all the guitars.


Both French, added a good vibe to a couple of tunes at the gig, namely “Salomé”. Their names are Celine and Octavie plus the mysterious and lovely Christine.


Chief Engineer:

João was the man behind the wheel that afternoon. He is the chief engineer of Boom Studios, owned by a famous Portuguese performer and musician, Pedro Abrunhosa. Very professional approach also and a relation to last.


Well, everything that is to know about Pete is on the internet. Regarding is person, he was very polite, very down to earth and we chatted like mates. We even joked around my nick name, King_leer since he asked me if I knew the meaning of Leer (I do). Then he started talking about the Morrissey album title, Alma Matters.

In the studio he was very committed and he finished “The Ballad of Grimaldi” after I believe seven takes and always paying attention to Iain’s guidance. After that it was pizza time to everybody.

On music, I hope he continues to compose (he’s always writing) and the best compliment I can give is to say that “A Little Death Around The Eyes” it’s a work of Art!


Well, that one is me and, I hope you all to return to this blog and comment whatever you like and I hope it’s contents are worthy of your time.



Note: “Except gig photo and Kenny's, all the others are owned by!”

Saturday, 16 May 2009


One of the bands that captured my attention in the last two years were "The Enemy"
Now that their new record "Music For The People"  is out it's time to chat a little with my mate John Dawkins that helped them following the right way and surely become a better "Enemy". Listen well to this Coventry boys and Tom's words are mature and coherent for a very young man as he is (

After the interview you can watch two videos, one from the current record  and one from their first record that for me is a milestone, "You're Not Alone" about the closure of the local Peugeot Factory:

1) On You:

(King_leer – KL):

 In your own words, what is your "Job description"? What is nowadays to be a manager?

(John Dawkins – JD):

Management for me is providing answers and guidance and options for your band to get to their optimum in terms of performance and success, with as little struggle as possible. I am a manager that gives the bands options when looking for answers and direction, and allows the final decision to lie with them. If i think they have made the wrong decision, i let them know before they press the button why i think it’s wrong. If they choose to press the button after that then that’s their choice, but i believe in complete artist control. However when a situation needs to be grabbed by the neck, the mutual respect between band and manager should allow this to happen without any problems. We are facilitators; it can be a thankless task, but also the most rewarding.


2) Still on You:


How did you discover “The Enemy” and what are their main strengths?


I had been made aware of the enemy under their different guise of “bridges” in 2005. I received a demo off Liam (drummer) through my mum as he worked for her; the demo was good but not right. It was obvious they could play but they were more bluesy & prog. I lent them my advice and what i felt they needed to do, and when they were ready and had made the changes to get back in touch. They did that in Feb 2006 with a new sound, closer to their soul, a new bass player and a new name. I put them in the studio with a guy names Matt terry, cut a 3 track demo, and the rest is history.

Their strengths – hunger /desire/ ability/song craft/lyrics/intelligence/stage craft


3) On Lyrics.


I think bands like the clash really got my ear; Strummer was a General in my eyes, even though i discovered them as a 12yr old in 1992. Then came the jam – where initially that’s entertainment grabbed me like no other song, then the lyrics came later for me, cos i feel as a kid it’s always about the melody and the hook rather than the lyrics. Other bands like Shack, The Beatles. They really hit home with me as a youngster, the made me socially aware, and bands like Oasis made me realise i should live my life to the full and enjoy it.......rock n roll star!


4) On the world's financial crises:


Someone is making a lot of money out of it aren’t they?! That’s one thing i do know, Greed has caused this, yet the poor will suffer more, and money will make money once more. I think we will suffer for a few more years. But fuck it, were alive and we have our loved ones, nothing is ever that bad.


5) On your own:


Tell me whatever it comes to your mind. Something you want to share with us.....musically or not!!


You need to check out my other artists – I’m very excited about both



Also add me on facebook, let’s chat music, and add my blog –



Friday, 15 May 2009



Photo by

P.s Next Sunday, the final post on my experience with artist,management,staff and studio!

Wednesday, 13 May 2009


Note: Bellow, copy of today's "press release":

During last Sunday and since the musician was in Porto to perform in a local student festival, I had the chance to finally put Peter recording in a local studio. Since the album sessions project failed last summer and the continuously need that Peter has to record some demos, this time with the effort of Peter, Adrian Hunter - his manager, João Bessa – Studio Engineer, Parlophone-UK and myself, we took the crew to Boom Studios in Gaia City, owned by one of our most important National performers, Pedro Abrunhosa for a session.

The session took place on last Sunday afternoon. Consisted on Peter with acoustic guitar and vocals, assisted by Iain Slater and João Bessa on the mixing table.

Peter recorded material for future work, solo or with Babyshambles to be released under the contract with the label.

One of the great moments was after 6/7 takes the recording of one old tune, “The Ballad of Grimaldi”.

For the complete story on Pete’s gig and sessions follow the next post this blog :


Monday, 4 May 2009


Hi there,

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Saturday, 2 May 2009


The Paddingtons were from the beginning a band that caught my attention for two reasons. First, because I recognized in them the sound of “The Clash” but with a personal touch. The other reason was that here in Portugal they were practically unknown. It’s impossible to resist to tunes like “First Comes First” and “Panic Attack”.

Now that they’ve released by the end of 2008 their second record, “No Mundane Options”, it’s a great time to know them a little better.

Extra:  I’ve got one official T-shirt from the last record to offer. What do you need to do? Just send a comment about the band through the blog and I’ll choose the best. Please send your name and e-mail address for future contact.


Take a look at their site



On videos: 


(King_leer): What's the general message you wanted to pass in the video from

"What’s the point in anything new"? “And, by the way for you, what is the point.......? 

(Grant): I think what we where trying to achieve by the video was that you can do anything on your own, there is a real sense of community in the video, with us all helping out each other. 
(Josh): I never saw it like that, but your kinda right... I had the idea because I love the film 'snatch'.

(King_leer): Any particular story on the making of it? 

(Josh): yeh..... The horse that's in the video.... It took me 5 hours to ride it there, with a cart.... 8 miles across hull... I was freezing when I got it to the shoot.

   On resemblances: 


(King_leer): I never "judge" a tune or album before a couple of months listening. With "First comes first" it was clear you were similar with The Clash but in a different way. You could find some continuity in your message and sound. It's not easy being called the "new Clash" but with originality. It was your purpose from the beginning or it came with the time?

(Josh): The Clash was the band that bought us together and influenced our sound at beginning.... It was a band we all loved and still do.... Best band ever.
(Grant): I don't think it was a conscious decision, not at all the movement in sound seemed more organic then forced, and we where listening to new, different styles of music so it’s inevitable that we would change but also you can never fully leave your roots so original influences do shine through.

  On the Global crises:


(King_leer): Well, she is here and she came to last (Crises). Probably it's time now to face it and think on solutions and be positive, otherwise we may face one "Panic Attack". Last week we had one episode with Portuguese (like me) and foreign workers...What would you think we must do to skip these difficult times?

(Josh): We aren't skipping it. You've got to ride it.... Use it as inspiration!

(Grant): I don't think skipping this crisis would be an option for me, yes we could do without it but i feel out of struggle you get the best from humanity, especially with creative arts, all the best music in world had a message of struggle and anger, which has help people to strive for a change.


On Fashion: 

(King_leer): I won't ask the trivial question but there's something i'd like to know. Since 2005 we could saw a great approach between music and fashion. From the Libertines and its members to Razorlight, you and more music connected people were also connected to the catwalk in some way. Any special reason? The fact you know each other well and probably attend to the same venues and environments is the cause?

(Josh): we looked good, or so they thought we did... Everyone needs inspiration, the fashion world called on us for short while. In and out ......
It’s worse than music industry though.... Quite fake... Hey ho we've all got to do something 

On lyrics and influences: 

(King_leer): What artist/band most influenced you and tell us a particular song/lyric that has a special meaning for you and (if possible) tell us why.
(Josh): Lyrically it’s our lives that influence us.... All the stuff around us... Our home town 'Hull' places we go.... Our relationships.... Each other.... 
Musically..... Lots of stuff.
We all listen to different stuff and are always listing out for new stuff.... The clash as I already said were big influence on us.... Everything about them... Their attitude was perfect, their image even better and the music 'amazing'.