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Friday, 2 April 2010


My next post will be - as i did last year with Kings of Leon - a deep vision inside Kasabian's last record with contribuitions from a wyde range of people who made that record possible from the mastering to the to the design. This work could be about Patrick's last record, the brilliant "The Bachelor" but, it was not possible. It was one of my favourites from 2009 and reveals a new Patrick Wolf, more mature, more confident with the audience and above all it was definitely a masterpiece.

I've been following Patrick since 2005 when i saw him here in Portugal at a local festival and also at London's Scala on the halloween nigth in the same year.

Back then i had the chance to mail Patrick and learn the meaning behind the tune Lands End from the Wind and Wires record.

Here's the result, hope you enjoy it. You can hear the song on the bellow video, taken from Youtube.


Yesterday when i got home i picked up again your CD and read again the lyrics. Tell me,

in your own words,What’s behind "Lands End" ?

Patrick Wolf

Lands end is really just some kind general overview

of my experiences in 2003 and 2004

regarding the release

of Lycanthropy. The work I do sometimes presents me with a

battle between the quest for artistic and

personal freedom

and my duties as a singer and composer that puts his work

out into the public domain. There is always a part of me that

wants to have one small suitcase and a

violin, travelling wherever

the day takes me.. and then the other side that knows

touring, promotion and a good business

head means a better

independance for my work. Freedom doesnt come with out a bit

of discipline and discipline doesnt come without a bit of freedom.

Also lands end is my realisation that life is

full of contradictions

and the more you let it just happen.. to be full of joy one day

and full of sorrow the next.. that this is

totally normal and to enjoy this chaos is the key to great life and adventure.