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Thursday, 10 March 2011


In the last and excellent House of Music (Porto, Portugal) Clubbing i had the opportunity to chat briefly with Peter Hook. Initially i was not certain to get over the management but thanks to the domestic support that I had, I got there. We stayed in the dressing room door to exchange some words until the moment I mentioned him i had 3 / 4 quick questions about his career. I know the question was tricky but when he heard the word career he said, "... Well, you better go in mate" ...

And so, i transcribe below this brief dialogue that i hope can enrich your knowledge about this mythical figure of Manchester, on JoyDivision, New Order and even ..... the Durutti Column:


About Ian Curtis and he playing guitar or not:

Peter, Ian played guitar (even slightly) in "Love Will Tear Us Apart. " It was a unique moment?


Yes, he played, as shown in the video. He played only in "Closer", on that track and two or three more, including "Incubation".


The New Order was perhaps the best example of a band that after losing their lead singer kept a level of success similar to that obtained with Joy Division. How did you choose Ian’s successor?


Do not forget the Genesis (ed: Yes, yes, but still a rare case).

After Ian’s death it was always our intention and I think it would also be the will of Ian too. As for the singer, the selection process was simple, as we all sang on the tests but you know what really happened? Bernard was the best on playing and singing at the same time so, he “won”.


Usually i try to find out some stories that hides behind a tune. Something special you wish to tell us about New Order ‘s "Blue Monday"? How a track like this one appears and specially for its duration?


The initial idea was to play this song at the encore. You know, we did not like encores and "Blue Monday" was created for this purpose, an instrumental tune when returning to the stage. Later, after some tinkering it finally got the sound we all now know (despite the many remixes that are already out there). We never thought it would become a topic of much success.


True or myth that you and the rest of the band helped to fold and prepare the edition of "The Return of the Durutti Column" on the premises of "Factory Records" at the request of Tony Wilson?


Yes, it is true. We were "invited" to do that hard work on the record you mention and two more, Durutti Column ‘s "Pieces For An Ideal" and the compilation "A Factory Sample". And, do you know how much Tony Wilson paid us? 50 pence per each 100 layers. Slave labor (laughs!).


Finally, what are the new bands that you hear nowadays? Manchester continues to be a true motherhood for great musical projects. Just last week we had here the "Hurts".


Manchester remains the same, it is a great musical city. The "Hurts "..... honestly I do not like them. I listen to "Everything everything"(very good), "Two Door Cinema Club" and "The Stowaways".