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Saturday, 10 January 2009



I can remember perfectly when i was 10/11 years the bands i was listening to. Before entering my The Smiths era, i used to listen to Duran Duran, Classic Nouveaux and The Spandau Ballet among others, but theses three acts marked the new age time.

There was this figure, a tall and bold character that impressed me by his presence and voice.

As you know i follow music with great attention, specially the most recent acts but, there's always a mystery on the 80's and we all like to get back and listen to the old tunes we used to like. Some still sound great, others don't.

So, one year ago i found again Sal and last week asked him a few questions. Hope you enjoy the following words and i value his character and faith, specially in the times we are currently living.

Maybe Sal, one of this days you can compose again some "mainstream music" and spread even more your words.

As you read this words, in the player the classic "Never Again" will be playing.

So, let's start:

On Lyrics

King_leer(KL) :

Dear Sal,

What was the song that most affect you regarding the lyrics side and in what way (affect you?)

Sal Solo(SAL) :

In commercial music, I think lyrics were not so important until rap became popular. Although a lot of rap lyrics are bad or stupid even, rap has made the public listen more carefully to the words. the biggest influence on me was an American Christian singer named Michael Card. His words are like a kind of Bible teaching. I had never heard lyrics used that way before.

On Commercial music:


Do you still listen to mainstream nowadays? If yes, who you take more seriously?


Yes, mainstream music is usually far better than Christian music! I like Lifehouse, some of Linkin Park and some of Fallout Boy, also Daughtry. I don't know if all of those are known outside the USA.

On Decisions:


Listening and reading your words, you are more than happy with your actual life and mission. Returning to that day in the backstage where you decide you should go another way and you went to the San Damiano Pilgrimage. Since that moment have you regret that step or had second thoughts about it for a while?


I have no regrets. My life has been far more useful and meaningful as a result. I feel a little sorry for people who are reforming their bands, and trying to relive their youth 20 years later. To me life should be a journey, and it's better to look forward than to look back.

On the Global Crisis:


I've made this question to another musicians. Give me your opinion on what was the cause of this recent financial crisis and how is for you the best way to skip it? Are we facing a period were (under economic, political and social turmoil) not very recommended figures can emerge from the chaos and take advantage of all this mess?


I am not sure I am qualified to speak about global economics. But as a resident of the USA, I see a society built on spending, even when people cannot afford it - including the country. I grew up with the idea that you first see what you can afford, then decide what you are able to buy with your money. Today people look at what they WANT and then expect to own it, even if they have no money at all. It is rather like a Hollywood society - where the lines between reality, fantasy, movies and reality shows, are blurred. People expect to live in a dream, not their actual reality. So, in the end, someone must pay, and now we are all starting to pay for those fantasies. There are prophecies in The Bible speaking of the End Times, and some people believe these are signs of the end approaching.

The Last One:


What are you good at? Describe what are you doing in that video? What are your major activities in the community? (I'm going to show that video at the post in the blog).

P.s. Sal didn't fully understand this one(What are you good at?), since i was talking about the title of one of his videos posted on his website that you can see bellow. But, let's print the words.


Well it is probably for other people to say what I am good at! I guess I would consider my best gifts communicating with teenagers and creating art (music and videos). My new project WE CRY JUSTICE! talks about the needs of the world, and so my videos show different cultures and situations. In Chicago I visit many communities, schools, churches; I run a youth group, and sometimes we go to help the homeless or people in hospital. Just before Christmas we held a concert to raise money in order to buy Christmas presents for homeless teenagers and it was quite a success.


Before leaving, bellow watch one of the last moves from Sal on the commercial music with the hit "San Damiano" and also a video with his current activities.



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