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Friday, 6 February 2009

James Skelly - "Love thy neighbour"

"...I caught you crying
Trying to hide your tears away
And all the while
I never knew you felt this way
I've loved you from the start
How could we let this come apart ?

We've got to put
The sun back in our hearts..."

I believe everyone of us at some point or stage in life had thoughts like this above line from the song "Put The Song Back", written by James from the 2007 Coral's record, "Roots And Echoes".
This record was one of the great editions from 2007, a trademark sound and filled only by good vibes.
It was a shame it wasn't released at here in Portugal and this is something i really cannot understand about our local record companies and distributors. But this is another that you can read something in a future post with someone from a local major record company.

I had the chance to place some questions to James and that's what this is about, so, let's see the result. It's a short interview this time on lyrics, family, etc.

I know probably James will take a look at this post and there's something i want to say about "Cobwebs" from the same record that i kept on my "visual landscape" everytime i hear that song. The melody reminds me the Western Saloon dances, with cowboys and girsl with large colourful skirts....... You can hear this song at the bolg's player (it's the 2nd one), "In the Rain" mentioned bellow it's the there also and the magnificent "Put the Sun Back" opens the player. Also, but this time on the video player there's a live version of "Put the Sun Back" taken from the BBC's "Later with.... Jools Holland's".

So, let's go:

On lyrics:


Tell me please what is behind "In the Rain" lyrics ? What is right for them that is not right for you (If you are quoting yourself).


I'm not saying its wrong but it doesn't mean it's right.

Again on lyrics:


What band or performer most influenced you on the lyrics side and why? Give one example of one lyric that really influenced you.


Dylan Thomas and the line from his book " under milkwood" "starless and bible black" were a big influence.

On society, the global crisis, the Palestinian/Israel crisis......:


Tell me in your opinion (your point of view) what do we have to do to "Put the sun back in our hearts"?


Love thy neighbour.

On Familly:


The last one:

I've made recently a work around the last Kings of Leon's record(it's on my blog). Talking to people around the production it was obvious that the family word were always around the table in a very strong and peculiar way (off course they're brothers and cousin).

At what point yours and the rest of the bands families were important in The Coral's life?

Any particular episode?


There are 3 sets of brothers in and involved with the band from the artwork to guitar tech to tour manager.My dad was the manager in the earlier days but he just went round chinning club owners.


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