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Tuesday, 23 June 2009


Since 2008 was the year that VP got their Hollywood Walk of Fame star, was also the year that the human rights and all the people rights were mentioned in the "Milk" movie, centred on the gay activist Harvey Milk and his San Francisco struggle and also was the year that the winds of change started echoing in the US , i thought it was the perfect time to talk with the band in the person of the "Icon" that Jeff Olson, the VP cowboy represents. Hope you enjoy the following lines. A great thanks to Jeff, the VP and Mitch at the "Sixuvus, Ltd".

Both the tracks that are mentioned on the interview are available at the blog's media player (audio and video).

Left photo by Angel Morales. Village People © images are property of Can't Stop Productions, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

King_leer (KL):

Now, with a 31 Years background you can surely answer to this one. Since each member of you represented one US Icon, if you could add one more at the present time what would it be?

Jeff Olsen (JO):

Actually, we don’t spend a lot of serious time thinking of adding another member…we’ve been this 6 member group for so long…it just would not feel right!

However…when we joke about it…and if we had to add another US Icon…it might be a Firefighter. It’s a character that, just like the existing members and the Icons they represent, all people of the world can identify with a Firefighter and respect them!


One of the things I most care about is to go deeper in the stories behind the lyrics. I believe you all talked a Trillion times about “YMCA” but tell me. After all these years the “gay” approach has been always the first choice on analysing the lyrics. Reading them all over again I can also see a message beyond that. A message to someone who’s facing difficulties and his sent to a place where he can have a choice. I’m I right on this? Also, since we are living another crisis and a huge one, what advise you can give now to a 2009 “Young Man….?”.


The truth is…the producer who helped write this song didn’t even know what the YMCA was until it was explained to him…a community based organization helping people in all sorts of ways. And that’s what the lyrics tell about. I’ve belonged to many different YMCA’s across the USA over the last 30 years. They offer fitness programs, day care centers for children, summer camps for teenagers…so many things. It’s an up-lifting song about the very positive things that the “Y’s” do. Any one can read the lyrics and arrive at their own conclusion…many people have. That’s good…as long as it’s helpful!

This is true with so many songs by so many other artists as well.


2008 brought again to the common knowledge the story of San Francisco as a key place for the struggle on gay rights through the Movie “Milk” with Sean Penn. Your song “San Francisco” talks about that period, right? Did you get to know Harvey Milk? What was on your mind when you wrote it? Lines like this one were very strong and significant: “Dress the way you please and put your mind at ease it’s a city known for its freedom”.


The song does not specifically address anything regarding the politics of San Francisco during that period. It speaks, rather, of the general acceptance of the people of this great city for all types of people and their lifestyles. Remember…the decade before San Francisco gave us “Hippies”, “Flower Power” and the “Love Culture”! San Francisco is a very liberal place to live…I know….I lived there when Harvey Milk was serving on the city council. And…too bad…none of us had the opportunity to meet Mr. Milk.


Changes, changes, changes. 2009 was also a year of change in the US with the election of Obama. What are you feelings on this subject? What has really changed until now?


President Obama is simply the right person for the right job…that’s why he’s now our Commander-in-Chief. The people believe that he was the best candidate to handle the problems facing our country and the world at this time. We all feel that he has new and fresh ideas, he communicates them well, he’s young and has energy, he’s smart…I could go on but you get the picture?! Time will tell…as it always does…whether he will be successful at accomplishing everything that he has set out to do. He has an enormous amount “on his plate”, but so far…we are all very excited!


On you. What are you going to do next? When you put out a new record with originals? Is that a goal to yourselves?


We have a very busy “Touring Career” and travel extensively all over the world all year long. There is talk of a new release sometime soon but nothing is certain right now.

Last year we received a “Star” on the Hollywood “Walk of Fame”, we were in an American Express TV commercial… We remain very busy with our work and very satisfied that we’re still going strong! And we thank you all for helping us keep this alive and well! Thank you again, Luis…and we sure hope to get back to beautiful Portugal sometime soon!



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