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Saturday, 22 August 2009

MIKE "MOONSPELL" interview...."Metal Forever!!".

Well, here’s one short but very interesting interview with Mike Gaspar, Moonspell’s drummer.

It took place right before the beginning of their US Tour – end of July.

Mike is an excellent partner to this kind of conversations since he is a natural born communicator. He’s a good example on the communication between musicians, fans, journalists, etc.

Moonspell continue to have their legion of fans – always growing – like I had the opportunity to check on their recent gig at the city of Maia at the north of Portugal - where I live at the moment.

I hope you enjoy it like i did.

P.s: Regarding the photo, it’s not usual for me to appear on them but, this one has a story and it’s one of the best shots i have. I was at Lisbon by Moonspell’s 2007 Halloween gig at the local Coliseum. I had left the bank after a meeting and headed right to the concert with my “unusual” Halloween costume!!!!


Dear Mike,

If we Google the word “Moonspell” and see inside Wikipedia your band is tagged with the genre “black metal/gothic metal”. What’s the most correct definition, the one that among yourselves you use?


Well, that was one interesting question in the past with so many names that were applied to our music. Obviously, the black metal and the gothic were major influences on the beginning of out career but, we always had our very own style and sometimes far from the genres people would apply on us. That was mainly due to our origins and costumes taken from the south of Europe. So, that’s why i like call our music only….Moonspell. The possibilities and the nature of our music are infinitive so, with that, the barriers in our music understanding are few and the composition earned with that. I feel very proud for that!


For Moonspell this will be a “killer” Summer- mainly right after this couple of home-country gigs you’ll head for the US Tour. Tell us what is the importance of being connected to a foreign label with the bookings also being held by also a foreign booker? Is the difference so high? For the readers fully understanding please explain us the advantages of this connection.


This connection is mainly due to this movement we were involved at the time.

The bands we liked were all in foreign labels and touring worldwide. It’d be very difficult not to do so, because the coverage and attention to the kind of music we make was almost none here in Portugal and the depth of the market was also very tiny. Only American bands were aloud to have a career in their home country but always with the help of the European audiences and their support.

From that time, things have changed and happily we can have a market here in Portugal but our goal was always to take our message to a broader audience. For that reason we work with a foreign label. So, that is the main difference between us and the National artists. Our foreign knowledge helped us to be this great super band. That’s why we sometimes feel like we are beyond the reality until it’s necessary. Take this as an example: We are very relaxed before a gig, as nothing is happening. So, for us to be on a gig or travelling in our bus is like being in our own beds (he he!) – It’s our natural environment.


What’s the meaning of the figure on the sleeve of your last record (released both in Europe and US), Night Eternal?


That image represents the feminine strength. She is a Madonna of our Universe.

This work was done by Seth – Septic Flesh bass player. He is Greek so, understands perfectly the connection and the importance of the women in our lives. At the same time, the frustration on being a woman in the south of Europe with all our “Alpha-male” presence. There’s a huge difference between southern and the North within this subject. I believe this is one of our best sleeves. The beauty and mystery of that picture with its religious touch is perfect! This represents our fully commitment for the power of the Woman.


Usually, i study and talk about song lyrics. I know it’s Fernando’s task but the song “At Tragic Heights” quotes “The book of the revelations” on its chapter 16:2 that talks about the last seven plagues launched by the seven Angels. Who is “She” in “She hangs from the sky”?


I am really sorry but that one you must ask to Fernando himself.


Last question. What can we expect from the gig in Maia (North of Portugal)?

Any surprises at all? It’ll be one of your last gigs before the American tour right?


We still have the Caos Emergente (Emergent Chaos) gig in September.

The Maia one starts to be a yearly ritual for us due to our last presence there.

The amount of people that came to see us was amazing. It was gig to remember, very similar to the ones we gave at the south of Portugal in Cascais by the 80’s and the beginning of the 90’s with bands like Iron Maiden where the audience was in perfect sintony with the band. That was the spirit in last year’s gig at Maia and it’s not easy to feel so. For that reason we have the obligation to give that audience another great show with everything they deserve.

We’ll have projections on the show, rarely used in our homeland gigs until now!

The presence of the Crystal Mountain always brings a magical touch to our shows.

Without doubt, you can count with the band’s fully commitment to perform a massive show since we’ve been playing a lot but we feel a little homesick.

The last gig at Amadora (South of Portugal) was excellent and I barely can wait to the Maia one. We are going to blow out the audience!!! He he.

Stay well and,

“Metal forever”,



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