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Sunday, 4 December 2011


Well my friends, the title i've used for this post is a common expression in Portugal when someone is about to start singing our typical song, Fado - "Silence, someone is about to play Fado", it's a matter of respect.
This is a short interview i've made a couple of weeks ago with Andy Rourke, former Smiths bass player. I've made a lot of interviews in the past but it's always a milestone when you have the chance to do that with someone that was part of a gang (Andy's own words) that was also part of your life and it meat to you a lot. So, i'll share this short moment with all of you and i'm sure that on the other side of this screen someone too will share the same thoughts and will have a great time reading this lines with Andy, the Ex-Smiths, the bass player, the DJ but above all, the musician.


As an introduction – as usual – I would like to know what you’ve been up to in the last years. One of your major occupations nowadays is being a DJ. You and your ex-band members spread the word “Hand the DJ” so, how come  J ?


Firstly, I am not a DJ, I am and will always be a musician, DJ'ing is something I do for fun, it started as an accident at a DJ (musician) friend of mine's party in Manchester (Clint Boon, Inspiral Carpets) he asked me if I would like to jump up and spin some tunes one night, I said OK and I realized I actually enjoyed myself! It continued from there.


You are one of the most famous bass guitar players. As a tutorial for those who are reading this interview, tell us exactly what is a rhythm section in a band. Most people think that being a rhythm section means that can be easily replaceable. Is this true or one more “urban myth”? I’d like to add my view also to this question. There are bands that you can clearly identify the drummer or bass player. For instance and using one example from actual bands. Jared, from Kings of Leon, I could know if he was involved in the tune or not. Share your thoughts with us Andy:


Hmm, I would say that the rhythm section is the backbone of any band, they dictate the tempo, the feel. If you change them you change the whole dynamic of the band. Of course they are replaceable, everybody is!! Regarding your question on "actual bands"
well… you would have to ask Jared! But me speaking from personal experience, I have always written my own bass lines and wouldn't be involved with a band who tried to tell me different. Me and Johnny met when we were 11 years old and started playing music together soon after, so we had a very close understanding of each other musically and also as friends , so things happened very naturally with us. 


What bands are you following these days?


I'm terrible when it comes to naming bands! There are so many, so I won't go there, if I start I will have to name 50!!
I'm still busy working through the music that happened before I was even born!


Kevin Cummins also was kind enough to contribute to my blog a couple of years ago. I’ve got in front of me one 1985 Babylon publication called “The Smiths in Quotes” with photos by Kevin. I don’t know if you recall but the book ends with your comments on five issues. I’ve chosen this one. Would like to know if the answer is still the same:

Andy Rourke on……THE SMITHS : “We are the best band in the world, there’s nobody better”. – I believe you have the same opinion but since then, did anyone came close to your standards?


Wow! Now you are putting me on the spot!
You know what? I think I stand by my bold statement, fuck it!


I’ll end with a double question. First, what was really your moment with The Smiths? The song that had more from you – as a musician and composer? The other one is the tricky one……share with us something that few people know about you and the Smiths.


Another tough question, I am so proud of all my work in The Smiths, some stand out tunes for me? ……"The Queen Is Dead" title track, then "Barbarism Begins At Home", "Bigmouth Strikes Again", "Sweet and tender hooligan" for me the list goes on and on. I'm more proud about what we did together as four young people (The Smiths split when I was 23). We had a lot of  things to deal with, and people trying to ruin us but we showed solidarity, we were a gang!

-The last question? Well!!! I think all of my skeletons are out of the closet, I lived my private life in public during those brief but wonderful years :o) )

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