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Monday, 11 November 2013


Back on my work on Plan B's 2012 Ill Manors, it's time to let Faith SFX talk on his cpntribution to this great record. Besides a longtime pal, a friend, Faiths Brings  a unique feeling to Ben's own environment. At the end of this post you'll find links for Faith SFX work. I sincerely hope to bring him here to Portugal as part of my relation with F-10 Manegement that represents Faith. So, let's keep the......FAITH!


Ill Manors is a portrait of a certain 'Britania". Did this changed your personal approach on the performance side? Do you find there links to your own growing up experience?


ill Manors is definitely a movie/album I can relate to because a lot of the issues highlighted in the film were things that happened around the area i lived in, kentish town London. In terms of how i perform, I guess there's more energy on stage because we all feed off each other in order to put on a great show. ill Manors Is one of the tracks which hypes up the crowd the most because of the beat and whats being said in the lyrics, so that definitely brings out a certain level of energy.


In what tracks did you worked on Ill Manors record?


I didn't really work on any track specifically but i helped Ben with ideas & lyrics whether we were on tour chilling on the bus or in the studio brainstorming. I worked on a few tracks for the 'Ballad of belmarsh' album with my good friend Delio from High Frequency. Ben put that project to the side at the time so that he could focus on finishing ill Manors.


From hip-hop to soul or hip-hop-soul. How is it to develop your work within this variety of musical different landscapes? At the recent tv appearences there's also a string section. How is it to work with Ben?


As a beatboxer, I find it very easy to navigate through different genres of music which is probably why me and Ben share a certain musical chemistry whether its on stage or in the studio.


What are your favourite Ill Manors live tracks (live and recorded)? 


Live, its easily ill manors just because of the reaction from the crowd as soon as they hear the intro string section. Narrator, Drug Dealer, Falling down & playing with fire are my favourite tracks to listen to.



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