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Tuesday, 21 April 2009


Last Saturday i had the chance to see the perform of these five young – very young – women from Sweden. Usually I don’t do gig reviews at my blog but since I chatted a little with them after the show here’s the result and my opinion.

The around one hundred people that saw their debut in Portugal certainly kept two kinds of different sensations:

First, the venue , the majestic Theatro Circo from Braga with it’s excellence and professionalism from their workers. They always brought to us new values in terms of music even if the final cash return is not 100% granted. But this is another story.

Second, the sensation that they saw one excellent performance from five teenagers with a dozen of musics to play (in the encore they said “we played all are musics”) with a excellent live vibe and visible enthusiasm. Besides Linnea the singer, Lisa from the keyboards takes the control of the dancing and the apparent semi-madness. Cissi, on the drums disguises her age with the will to bit the drum-kit. Mimmi, like her instrument, she’s the quiet one, while Rebecka on the guitar is the most talking “TTD”.

Sure they are a little bit “green” but, the warning is here. For those who have space in the line-up’s to the Summer festivals, they sure grant a excellent one hour show at the end of the afternoon. Move fast.

The gig was quick, about one hour. The audience continuously asked for “Action Man” but the ladies gave us another “Hitten”  with an excellent performance by Linnea.

To Know (fast session of questions & answers):

Since the day before i was chatting with Peter Morén (Peter,Bjorn & John) I told the ladies that he asked me to say “Hi”! I said it!

Q: What’s the reason for the album title “In our space hero suits”?

R: Basically, we fell that when on stage, we do the best of our best so it’s like he have a super hero suit on, you know?

Q: What were/are your biggest influences ?

R: Linnea e Lisa – Several, nothing specific.

     Rebecca – “Typical Girl” ? (I really don’t know what Rebecca meant).

     Mimmi & Cissi – The Strokes


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