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Saturday, 2 May 2009


The Paddingtons were from the beginning a band that caught my attention for two reasons. First, because I recognized in them the sound of “The Clash” but with a personal touch. The other reason was that here in Portugal they were practically unknown. It’s impossible to resist to tunes like “First Comes First” and “Panic Attack”.

Now that they’ve released by the end of 2008 their second record, “No Mundane Options”, it’s a great time to know them a little better.

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On videos: 


(King_leer): What's the general message you wanted to pass in the video from

"What’s the point in anything new"? “And, by the way for you, what is the point.......? 

(Grant): I think what we where trying to achieve by the video was that you can do anything on your own, there is a real sense of community in the video, with us all helping out each other. 
(Josh): I never saw it like that, but your kinda right... I had the idea because I love the film 'snatch'.

(King_leer): Any particular story on the making of it? 

(Josh): yeh..... The horse that's in the video.... It took me 5 hours to ride it there, with a cart.... 8 miles across hull... I was freezing when I got it to the shoot.

   On resemblances: 


(King_leer): I never "judge" a tune or album before a couple of months listening. With "First comes first" it was clear you were similar with The Clash but in a different way. You could find some continuity in your message and sound. It's not easy being called the "new Clash" but with originality. It was your purpose from the beginning or it came with the time?

(Josh): The Clash was the band that bought us together and influenced our sound at beginning.... It was a band we all loved and still do.... Best band ever.
(Grant): I don't think it was a conscious decision, not at all the movement in sound seemed more organic then forced, and we where listening to new, different styles of music so it’s inevitable that we would change but also you can never fully leave your roots so original influences do shine through.

  On the Global crises:


(King_leer): Well, she is here and she came to last (Crises). Probably it's time now to face it and think on solutions and be positive, otherwise we may face one "Panic Attack". Last week we had one episode with Portuguese (like me) and foreign workers...What would you think we must do to skip these difficult times?

(Josh): We aren't skipping it. You've got to ride it.... Use it as inspiration!

(Grant): I don't think skipping this crisis would be an option for me, yes we could do without it but i feel out of struggle you get the best from humanity, especially with creative arts, all the best music in world had a message of struggle and anger, which has help people to strive for a change.


On Fashion: 

(King_leer): I won't ask the trivial question but there's something i'd like to know. Since 2005 we could saw a great approach between music and fashion. From the Libertines and its members to Razorlight, you and more music connected people were also connected to the catwalk in some way. Any special reason? The fact you know each other well and probably attend to the same venues and environments is the cause?

(Josh): we looked good, or so they thought we did... Everyone needs inspiration, the fashion world called on us for short while. In and out ......
It’s worse than music industry though.... Quite fake... Hey ho we've all got to do something 

On lyrics and influences: 

(King_leer): What artist/band most influenced you and tell us a particular song/lyric that has a special meaning for you and (if possible) tell us why.
(Josh): Lyrically it’s our lives that influence us.... All the stuff around us... Our home town 'Hull' places we go.... Our relationships.... Each other.... 
Musically..... Lots of stuff.
We all listen to different stuff and are always listing out for new stuff.... The clash as I already said were big influence on us.... Everything about them... Their attitude was perfect, their image even better and the music 'amazing'.


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