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Saturday, 16 May 2009


One of the bands that captured my attention in the last two years were "The Enemy"
Now that their new record "Music For The People"  is out it's time to chat a little with my mate John Dawkins that helped them following the right way and surely become a better "Enemy". Listen well to this Coventry boys and Tom's words are mature and coherent for a very young man as he is (

After the interview you can watch two videos, one from the current record  and one from their first record that for me is a milestone, "You're Not Alone" about the closure of the local Peugeot Factory:

1) On You:

(King_leer – KL):

 In your own words, what is your "Job description"? What is nowadays to be a manager?

(John Dawkins – JD):

Management for me is providing answers and guidance and options for your band to get to their optimum in terms of performance and success, with as little struggle as possible. I am a manager that gives the bands options when looking for answers and direction, and allows the final decision to lie with them. If i think they have made the wrong decision, i let them know before they press the button why i think it’s wrong. If they choose to press the button after that then that’s their choice, but i believe in complete artist control. However when a situation needs to be grabbed by the neck, the mutual respect between band and manager should allow this to happen without any problems. We are facilitators; it can be a thankless task, but also the most rewarding.


2) Still on You:


How did you discover “The Enemy” and what are their main strengths?


I had been made aware of the enemy under their different guise of “bridges” in 2005. I received a demo off Liam (drummer) through my mum as he worked for her; the demo was good but not right. It was obvious they could play but they were more bluesy & prog. I lent them my advice and what i felt they needed to do, and when they were ready and had made the changes to get back in touch. They did that in Feb 2006 with a new sound, closer to their soul, a new bass player and a new name. I put them in the studio with a guy names Matt terry, cut a 3 track demo, and the rest is history.

Their strengths – hunger /desire/ ability/song craft/lyrics/intelligence/stage craft


3) On Lyrics.


I think bands like the clash really got my ear; Strummer was a General in my eyes, even though i discovered them as a 12yr old in 1992. Then came the jam – where initially that’s entertainment grabbed me like no other song, then the lyrics came later for me, cos i feel as a kid it’s always about the melody and the hook rather than the lyrics. Other bands like Shack, The Beatles. They really hit home with me as a youngster, the made me socially aware, and bands like Oasis made me realise i should live my life to the full and enjoy it.......rock n roll star!


4) On the world's financial crises:


Someone is making a lot of money out of it aren’t they?! That’s one thing i do know, Greed has caused this, yet the poor will suffer more, and money will make money once more. I think we will suffer for a few more years. But fuck it, were alive and we have our loved ones, nothing is ever that bad.


5) On your own:


Tell me whatever it comes to your mind. Something you want to share with us.....musically or not!!


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robmacca said...

Good interview.

John Dawkins is a legend!