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Friday, 5 December 2008

"For Lovers" - A True Story

"For Lovers"

To launch my recent conversation with Jake Fior, producer, about his art and his experiences with Pete Doherty from "For Lovers" track until the former Libertine solo album debut that Jake initially produced. I've explored this kind of aproach on my passage on a local TV show, called "Porto Alive" where i talked about music. I believe that in this format you'll capture the message in a better form.
As said by Jake, Wolfman wrote this song some time ago (listen the first track on the player, it's the original performed by Wolfman. Kindness of Jake Fior), and Peter re-wrote the lines 'I paid the penalty,heard the jailer rattling the key. But the key was mine,I keep a spare one every time'. Jake re-wrote some instrumentation and structure and the generak feel of the record is from is input but there was collaboration from other musicians who played on the track.

This way we reach to the final result as you can see on the bellow video. For me one of Pete's best works as a performer.

Keep passing by this blog of yours since in the next post i'll "talk" with Jake Fior about his art and projects, namely Pete's solo album and other issues from the actuality.



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