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Saturday, 27 December 2008


Hi there again,

Hope you all had a 5 stars Christmas. A couple of days ago, I've asked Tim a few questions. He's a very nice character, very low-profile, continuously paving his way in the musical industry or whatever you want to call it. I've met Tim last February in Lisbon at The Charlatans Gig. Hope and certainly he'll continue this way, so, here is a quick dialogue between to 'lads from the same generation.

Thanks a lot Tim and all the best!

King_leer (KL) : What's behind (the storyline) on "The Misbegotten" lyrics (watch video on the "player")?

Tim Burguess (TB) : erm ..i wrote a couple of stories/set of lyrics and then used the cut up technique used by David Bowie and William Burroughs.
So quite literally i cut up the stories line by line and then pulled them out of a hat to see if anything interesting and new came out of it. The first line i pulled out was “if you don’t have the guts” which i thought was an amazing threatening opening line.

(KL) : "Then I found two girls in matching bathing suits...". Looking at the single sleeve, are these the girls in matching suits? What's the reason for this sleeve?

(TB) : Well the line came from a Diane Arbus story i was writing, she did a quite famous photograph called 'two girls in matching bathing suits' (i think you can google it) i loved the image and i used it as the inspiration for the sleeve! Issie and Mikyla are friends of mine and are members of the dj conglomerate 'the she-set'.

(KL) : Comment 2008 in music. What were your favorite acts, the surprises and the disappointments of this year?

(TB) : My favorite record was Ladyhawke by a mile

Now, on society:

(KL) : For you, resident in the US, tell us what is changing after the recent elections.

(TB) : There is a new found hope for a better America, there is no doubt he has probably the hardest job as president in the history of America.

(KL) : The Global financial and not so crisis: Who are the responsible and what's your personal opinion and what you think should be done to minimize the effects?

(TB) : People got greedy, people earning $30,000 a year were driving $90,000 cars living in $400,000 houses.
The world has been living on credit not reading the small print and now we are paying for it..It is everyone’s fault. From the corporate banker for encouraging us to live this way and to the man on the street for falling for it.

To minimize the effect fuck knows we just got to ride it out.


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