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Tuesday, 2 December 2008

K.O.L - "BEHIND THE ALBUM" # 4 ANGELO PETRAGLIA , The Producer, The Friend, The Family... and the Wall-Ball again!!!

ngelo Petraglia and his work are my last post about what was behind this great record. He's almost family to KOL as you can check ahead. He even went with Jared to buy the KOL future great bassist first bass guitar. We can see that this sessions were hard work as you can check in this video (one of 23 in the KOL home movies) where during
Notion the environment gets intense but youll find out how it ended during this interview.

King_leer (KL) : You are with KOL since the beginning. I have
"Only by the Night" sleeve opened in front of me. I can see a deep
change in the Followill clan namely a different look/image. I’ve been in that
area myself so it’s easy to check that - air, skin, outfit, etc.

Was this a producer or a band's own
change or both? Still on changes, what changed most in KOL since the first

Angelo Petraglia (AP) : The changes you see in KOL as far as their image is
concerned is all the coming from the band themselves either collectively or

Probably what has changed most is theirmusicianship. They have come a long way when it comes to their abilities. Went i first met Jared he hadn't even started playing bass yet. As a matter of facti went with him to buy his first bass. Now he is one of my favorite players.

KL : This one i've asked all your mates. In your own words and for readers/bloggers
be able to understand what consists in producing a record like this one?

AP : Well simply put i guess:

1st - a great band

2nd - great songs and arrangements

3rd - a great studio and gear and 4th- creating a cool vibe and having a common vision

(don'tforget a kickass game of wall-ball).

(KL) : In my opinion there is a great evolution , starting with "Because of The Times" and ending in this latest masterpiece. What was the secret?

(AP) :There is no secret.

I just believe KOL are a killer band that are
constantly evolving and not afraid to try new ideas.

(KL) : Since the producer, i believe is always more than a
producer, tell me what is the major quality of the Followill’s and the one you
dislike most on them, since you spend several days with them.

(AP) : I've known Nathan and Caleb before the band even started. To me
KOL are like family .I feel like their older brother. The main thing that the
Followill's bring to the table is family. It runs through the way they play, write,
sing perform and party. The thing i dislike about them most is that they always
seem to be right!

(KL) : I’ve mentioned above the episode around “Notion” recording session. Can
you tell us how it ended? I think it was a very intense. How you manage to deal
it with Caleb afterwards.

(AP) :Oh it ended great. He realized he had a little to much to drink so he
did it the next day and he killed it.I think we just called it a day and kept partying.

Links : Check and listen to Angelo's band, "The Jane Shermans".


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