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Tuesday, 11 November 2008



Wikipédia : "A maverick is an unbranded range animal, especially a motherless calf. It can also mean a person who thinks independently, a lone dissenter, a non-conformist or rebel".

Starting this mini interviews with Alan Mcgee, just after NME published his comments on leaving the record industry and managing bands since there is no more love in it but lots of "Yes, Boss people" and others who firmly play the corporate business (Well, my friend, it's not only in music if that consoles you...).

Well, about Alan or the "Maverick" - as Glasvegas James Allan recently called him on another interview that i didn't published yet- everything was said and you can just "google" his name and you'll find what you want, namely that he discovered Oasis.

Let's find out what Alan thinks and not only on music. I don't know him in person but we share the love for the music and he's someone you can learn always from:

Kingleer (KL) : You are very active on "having a go" regarding opinions and not only about music. I'm not asking you about the current change in the US but, what do you think about this whole financial crises. Who to blame.

Alan Mcgee (AMg): Thatcher and Reagan de regulated the banks so they started it then Brown regulated it more it's a clusterfuck.

KL: Now, on music. Along with the last Kings of Leon record, the Glasvegas one, the other that relly make me stop to hear it well (besides Elbow off course) was the latest Oasis. How they manage to keep all this years and create a record like this? It's middle age? Maturity?

AMg: Oasis i can still listen to them all the other creation bands would be like work.

KL: The final one. Lyrics. What was the tune that had more influence on you regarding the lyrics side.

AMg: Weller and The Jam and Strummer and The Clash.

Well, that's all. Thanks Alan, and for you, blogger, take a look at the bellow link. One interesting site where people are told to ask musicians and influent people not the same old questions but more about other issues, issues that matter to people. "INSTIGATE DEBATE".

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