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Monday, 17 November 2008


Finaly and after telling you about several issues around the Glasvegas "landscape", it's time to know a little bit about them by their own mouth.

King_leer (KL): In your own words what's behind "It's My Own Cheating Heart That Makes Me Cry"?

James Allan/Glasvegas:

It's about Guilt. A very underestimated emotion. No matter how hard you try it to avoid it...Guilt will get to you and destroy you and everything you love.

(KL): What music (focus on the lyrics) most influenced you and why?

Glasvegas: Elvis and his inspirational lyrics...especially when Elvis sings in Heartbreak Hotel..."I get so lonely baby. I get so lonely, I get so lonely I could die!!!" You actually believe him when he sings these words

(KL): I've been following Glasvegas since the early times Alan Mcgee started spreading the word. In your own opinion and for me/us here in Portugal is not so clear why taked so long for instance, the NME start talking about you. It's a "bible" to me but that one escaped my understating.

Glasvegas: ...Alan is a maverick...the last of the mavericks in fact and he wears his heart on his sleeve...when he saw the band he got it and let anyone know about Glasvegas who was listening/reading to his blogs/interviews. For others it just takes a littel longer...after all NME isn't just one person. Thye have been a great supporter of the band and we've been lucky to meet many people now from NME...they are all really cool people and are into their music.

Ok, That's all. I hope you've discovered a little more about Glasvegas. I'll leave you with this theme performed live on "TV Death Disco". Enjoy it.

Keep tuned and keep loving music, it's ealthy!

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