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Monday, 24 November 2008


King_leer (KL): You work with the KOL for so long but this is the only album you've also produced along with Angelo. What were the major differences and what changed on your side?

Jacquire King (JK right at photo): This is the second album for me to be involved in.

I was the recording engineer and mixer on the second album "aha shake heartbreak".

I was absent for the third album and was asked to come back on the fourth "only by the night" and now I'm additionally producing. I've stepped into the role that was held by Ethan johns. The difference being that on "aha ..." my creative input was limited to sonic presentation and vibe. On this last album i was involved in song choice, arrangement, performance choices, instrumentation, vocal performance, overall vision for the album, and I’ve performed some keyboard parts, and generally all things that a producer caries out in overseeing an album project.

All this in addition to the recording and mixing duties. Angelo and i worked in complete cooperation to achieve a very smooth pairing of production oversight.

KL: Let me ask you, in your own words and in a way the viewers/readers can understand, what consists the art of Recording and Mixing. What were the major achievements in this great album "Only by the night".

JK: The goal was to make a standout and timeless statement of song and sound. It was important to identify great songs and then work to achieve great recordings.

How that translates to the recording and mixing process is to take the time to capture something special in spirit and sound. Working to create sonic textures that were new to the bands' recording process. To experiment and leave no stone unturned. The ability to have that freedom was the key in finding the newer and bigger voice of this album.

KL: I have to ask you this. Since "Because of the Times", for me, as a listener the quality of the sound and the songs is different, almost reaching a "vintage" Port wine (rare and tasteful from my City/Country). What happened and in what way time, communication and training were responsible.

JK: The band is always interested in topping what they've done before. The growth they've had as a band during their career and the coming of age of these very young men on the road is responsible for the place they're in and where they are capable of going. They have made changes in their process and i anticipate they will continue to challenge where they've been and what they've done into the future.

KL: What was behind the "overture" in Closer? That sound is fantastic? It's synth or guitar?

JK: I think the sounds you are referring to are two elements created with the bass guitar.

The first one that starts the song is a pitch shifting pedal with delay playing the opening melody. The second is the bass guitar played through a leslie speaker (rotating speaker) cabinet playing just the foundational notes of the progression. I've also added synthesized low frequencies to those elements as well as delay and filter effects. This type of approach was typical of every element of the recording and mixing process

to create something as unique and engaging as possible while respecting the integrity of the song.

KL: There's something funny that you can share with me (the things you usually don't say in a interview) that happened in this sessions?

JK: The kings are great guys and i think they have become one of the world’s best current bands. The things i would share is that the camaraderie and emphasis on having fun, like playing wall-ball, is a very important element of the process. They are family and like to be bonded together that way and they invite you into that.

It can be a crazy time. Like all families there is a wide dynamic and the kings

LOVE & FIGHT like family so it keeps things interesting. It's great energy to be able to put into a recording.... the highs and the lows.

KL: Well, it was one more story behind this album. I'll be back soon with more. You can listen the track "Closer" that was mentioned on this interview on my player, in the up-right corner of this blog. It's the first one.




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