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Thursday, 6 November 2008


Well, it's now time for us t discover who is Glasvegas Geraldine. Now that you already now the tune and the James Allan's lyrics, let's find out who she really is:

King_leer (KL): The song is about a relation between you and somebody(that somebody can be one person os more). Can you clarify? Is James the character on the song or other person?

Geraldine (G): The song is about the relationship between a social worker and a client (similar to nurse maybe) the character in Geraldine is not James, it could be anyone who has been in a lost loney place and a person who is paid has walked along side them.

(KL): By the context of the lyric your job function was very deep in human emotions. In what consists the "Geraldine, The Social Worker" work?

(G): I worked with Denise (James sister) for 5 years within Glasgow City Council Social Work Department working with people who had addiction problems both drugs and alcohol.(The song was more written for denise but I have a nicer name ha ha).

(KL): How did you knew it was you in the song and what did you felt and still do about it? Are you a long time friend with James?

(G): James started saying late last year he was writting a song called Geraldine and I thought he was kidding me on. James has written a song about human compassion and the stregnth one can give to an other, about not judging just accepting, about uncondtional positive regard for another.

(KL): You now work with the band. Full time or the "Geraldine" of the song will be back on the field?

(G): I now work with the band when ever they are on tour, I take care of selling their merchandise - TShirts ect but I try and always be around with a cup of tea and a hug if its needed for the band, crew or the people at the gig. Its far removed from my old work but I love it. Working with the band my life is very different now from what it was this time last year its been a rollercoatser. I get to meet very amazing wonderfull people when we're out on the road and wouldn't change it for the world.


- Well, that's it, end of chapter. I hope it was interesting to you and this kind of approach that i usually do on the music scene suits your goals also.
Regarding Geraldine, this 32 yrs old young women, living a "new life", more musical and probably more radical but, at the same time she was able to share with us what realy is the base(true meaning) of our existence. The positive strenght that we can do onto another person, the friendship, the "not judging, just accepting".

This is "our" Geraldine, the Social Worker, explained to us through a brilliant composition from James Allan and a powerfull perfomance by the band.

Until the end of the week, i'll be back with a shor interview with the band, still and always looking for what's behind the Music........"



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